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Adjust the Volume and Pitch of one track.
Remove all attacks from the track (current pattern only).
Set the track to common track patterns. Click multiple times to cycle through. All attacks will be set at the level of Default Level in the Options menu.
Click this to toggle between triple and quadruple beat divisions.

Getting Started

If you are new to drum sequencers, start out by clicking Random Pattern. The machine will generate a unique pattern every time it is clicked. It also randomizes track volumes and pitches, as well as the tempo.

Editing a Pattern

Simply click squares on the grid to add an attack. If you have Default Level checked, the attack will be added at the default level and clicking it again will remove it. With Default Level unchecked, clicking repeatedly will cycle between Low, Medium, High, and off. You can also Shift-click to remove an attack.

The Sequencer

To get started on the sequencer, create your pattern on the pattern editor and press Make Four-Bar Sequence. This copies your pattern to the first four patterns in the sequence. You can then edit these patterns individually by clicking a pattern number in the sequencer and then editing your pattern in the pattern editor. For example, you might add a crash to the first pattern and a fill to the fourth pattern. You can then copy all four to a new set of four patterns by clicking Copy Four.

Copying More Than Four Patterns

Once you have eight patterns, in order to duplicate them all, select pattern 1 and press Copy Four. Now select pattern 5 and press Copy Four again. The Copy Four button will copy all four patterns of the four-pattern group regardless of which is selected - having 2, 3, or 4 selected is the same as having 1 selected.

Copying One Pattern to Multiple Squares

Open the pattern or create it on the pattern editor. Put Sequencer in Selection Mode and highlight the squares you want to change and press Save to Selected. The pattern on the pattern editor will then be copied to all of the highlighted squares and the highlights will go away.

Copying from one track to another

Open the Options menu and click the button "Copy and Paste". The green "Copy and Paste" panel will appear on the bottom. Select the track to copy from on the left, and the track to copy to on the right. Click "Copy" to overwrite the "To" track. Pressing the "Mix" button does the same thing, except that the "To" track's attacks will not be overwritten with weaker or no attacks.